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For only $25 a tin 
you can make your plants happy with KOODA: Your Green Thumb, all purpose natural booster for your plants.



2L reusable tin
Perfect for urban living 

and indoor plants.


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Easy application

One teaspoon is all you need to make your plants happy. Simply sprinkle it all over your plants and they will love you.

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Kooda's unique plant booster is made from the food scraps that we divert from landfill and process right here in Perth. 

Our environmentally friendly worm castings contain the essential nutrients to keep your plants thriving, and are 100% safe for plants, people and pets. 

Try our sustainable plant booster today.

Just $25 including shipping! 

Trace elements

From iron to magnesium, all the micronutrients needed for your plants to grow healthy and happy


Rich in healthy and beneficial microbes to boost and promote your plant nutrient uptake

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