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You get a shiny new kitchen accessory

We're working on a range of lovely steel buckets, or stick with a clean  white one we'll provide free.

Nominate a safe outdoor location where we can pick up your Kooda bucket we collect on demand!


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No dripping plastic bags.  Local collection points will produce healthy compost, which we then process further in worm warehouses nearby.

No bin juice. No landfill No trucks

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The Tech Enabled Food Scraps Collection Service

"Since using the Kooda bucket in the past 4 months, we've stopped needing bin bags... our garbage bin is clean"

Deb K

Norwood Neighbourhood Association

“Life was too chaotic to go to a lot of effort, but since using a Kooda bucket, I can't throw scraps in the general bin anymore...  It feels so much cleaner and less guilty"

Erica Nolan

Mt Lawley Resident


Put your food scraps into a Kooda bucket.  All it takes from there is one click and we'll collect it.

Cleaner and happier

Imagine a bin with no smells or slime. By removing the food waste factor, your bin will be cleaner and free from foodborne odours.

Our solution reduces your carbon footprint by 1.9kg CO2-e for every kg of scraps not sent to landfill.

Save the planet

Use a Kooda bucket to reduce your CO₂-e emissions by around 38kg per week.

Half priced pre-registration  for the first 500 households!

$5 per week 

$19 per month 

On demand, as many collections as you need each week.

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Kooda's Vision is to create a world where it is mainstream to divert organic waste from landfill, to somewhere useful.

We're making "What's that smell?" History. 

We'll deliver you 5L of Worm Castings back for your indoor plants or garden each quarter.  

Grow something yourself

 No  payment required until we  have gatherers in your area!